100 Things to do before die


Hola people , from a very long time i am brainstorming about what to write and then one day while scrolling pinterest i found some blogs about bucket list . That remind me that i have my own bucket list .

Bucket list ???

It’s a list of goals one want to achieve , or experience one want to have , or dreams one need to fulfill .

Many people asks me that why do you need a bucket list ? i simply answer them by saying that it gives my life a direction , it allows me to live my dream and complete my goals . And it gives a feature plan to my life . Most importantly it makes me happy .

Creating a bucket list doesn’t mean that you have to race with time or plan your whole life accordingly or create a horror toward death. I hope my bucket list inspire you people to create one for your own .

Let’s create our bucket list : for creating your own bucket list all you need to do is think about the things you desperately want to do , activities you wanna try or things you wanna achieve. Just start writing them on a paper , it will hardly take 30 min to 1 hour.

My bucket list –

  1. Visit all the 7 wonders
  2. Visit harry potter Wizarding world (Orlando and London )
  3. Watching northern lights
  4. Visiting all Disney lands and Disney worlds
  5. Visit Hollywood sign
  6. Attend Oktoberfest
  7. Attend comic con
  8. Visit universal studios
  9. Go on a desert safari
  10. Go scuba diving/ Snorkeling
  11. Go skiing
  12. Go sky diving
  13. Go zip lining
  14. Go camping
  15. Watching Knicks in New York
  16. Learn a new language
  17. Get a permanent tattoo
  18. Run a marathon
  19. Go hiking
  20. Go parasailing
  21. Visit a talk show (Ellen de generes or Jimmy fallon)
  22. Watch a broadway in New York
  23. Visit a criuse
  24. Go horseback riding
  25. Play with a tiger cub
  26. Hug a sloth
  27. Go on a African Safari
  28. Go on a hot air balloon
  29. Ride gondola in Venice
  30. Attend a Halloween party
  31. Make a snow angel
  32. Make a snow man
  33. Learn to make pasta in Tuscany
  34. Do grape stomping
  35. Go for a Vespa tour in Italy
  36. Go for water rafting
  37. Ride an elephant
  38. Swim with dolphins
  39. Go to the top of Burj khalifa
  40. Stay in Amazon rainforest lodge
  41. Celebrate New year at times square NewYork
  42. Ride camel
  43. Bunjee jumping
  44. Visit tulip farms
  45. Visit Sydney opera
  46. Go for a chocolate factory tour
  47. Cheese and wine tour
  48. Visit minnesota state Fair
  49. Visit Angkor wat
  50. Visit morroco
  51. Visit London eye
  52. Use London phone booth
  53. Stand on equator
  54. Rock climbing
  55. Go for paint ball
  56. Visit blue lagoon
  57. Write a book
  58. Go to a concert
  59. Visit all USA states
  60. Backpack Europe
  61. Attend a white wedding
  62. Ride first class in a plane
  63. Ride a helicopter
  64. Drink hot chocolate at Angelina’s (Paris)
  65. Put a lock on pont de Arts
  66. Sleep under the stars
  67. Visit Morroco
  68. Stay awake for 24 hours
  69. Eat a trending food
  70. Make a trending food
  71. Live in a foreign country for a month
  72. Wear saree in a foreign country
  73. Get a walk-in closet
  74. Watch cricket world cup in person
  75. Visit Miami country fair
  76. Visit great canyon
  77. Bake a rainbow cake
  78. Visit locations of game of thrones
  79. Visit hawaii
  80. Buy a house
  81. Visit Arctic
  82. Visit Victoria falls
  83. Own 100 pair of shoes
  84. Visit Machu Picchu
  85. Drink butter beer
  86. Collect all hocrux
  87. Visit spiti valley
  88. Go apple picking
  89. Learn to pole dance
  90. See empire State building
  91. Eat deep dish pizza in Chicago
  92. Ride a cable car
  93. Go to French Polynesia
  94. Buy something very expensive
  95. Attend a fashion show
  96. Buy chocolates worth 1000$
  97. Visit all 7 continents
  98. Attend Dubai shopping festival
  99. Try atleast 1 dish from every cuisine
  100. Visit 10 countries in one go

I hope you find this blog helpful 😄😄

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  1. Priyanka says:

    So Cool!!!


  2. Poorvi says:

    Wishes ❤️


  3. Gungun says:

    Slay girl😍😍❤️


  4. Akul jain says:



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