11 Hacks To Survive Your Periods

One of most troublesome times for me is my periods. I am not one of those lucky girls who has cramp free periods. Over the past few years I have learned how we can deal with the pain while we are on Menstrual cycle or periods. These are not doctor recommended or scientifically proven remedies but they works for me.

Here’s how to make PMS and period cramps suck less –

1) Eat chocolates : I usually prefer 40-50% cocoa.

2) Drink lots of water : Solution of my every problem. Stay hydrate during your periods.

3) Heating pad is new BFF .

4) Drink herbal tea : Try green tea or chamomile tea , they literally helps to sooth your body , mind and soul.

5) Take a pain killer

6) Drink saffron milk or turmeric milk

7) Bananas : They contains potassium which helps to relax your muscles.

8) Walnuts : Its a great snack during periods as it provides omega 3s . Omega 3s are very necessary for female body due to there anti inflammatory properties.

9) Peanut butter : Contains vitamin E , magical vitamin which helps in inflammation and cramps .

10) Little bit stretching : Doing child pose during periods can really help you with your cramps.

11) Rubbing peppermint essential oil on belly : Okay so i read about this hack 2-3 months ago . At first i was not sure if this is gonna work but this do work. rubbing peppermint oil works like miracle.

Thanks for reading i hope they work for you guys too . And don’t forget to share your experience or your personal remedies in comments below .

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